Friday, January 20, 2006

So forget using a credit repair company

Fixed-rate credit cards can change their terms in a few weeks' time, so there's no real protection from rate increases with a fixed-rate card, although my anecdotal observation is that fixed-rate cards tend to lag behind variable-rate cards in both rising and falling interest-rate environments.In an effort to attract new card members, Shell MasterCard is offering a limited time promotion to new cardholders. You also never know when the rules of the game will change making the reward level higher. On April 8, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Ronald Sabraw ruled that Visa and MasterCard concealed the 1-percent fee from customers and should pay refunds. The only real advantage of a fixed rate card is the rate usually doesn't increase as often as a variable rate card in a rising rate environment this can work against you if rates are falling. One of those decisions is whether or not to accept credit cards as a form of payment. Cards that offer such facilities do not usually offer free miles upfront. Your credit report information allows you to see if a company has you listed as owing them money for an unpaid charge card or bill. Let's hope that the other two major credit bureaus, Equifax and Trans Union, will soon follow suit. The lower your ratio is the better deals that you’ll be offered. Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Incorporated has a free, downloadable Budgeting Guide for students. I thought it was more like mediation, that if we had a problem there would be mutual agreement on the resolution, she says. The new cards will offer various reward programs commonly associated with Citi cards, including cash back and reward point programs. This will tell them about any previous unpaid debts or judgments against you. They’ll tell you that a low, fixed-rate card is better than a variable rate credit card that starts low and then slowly creeps up its interest rate every year.If your credit rating is good enough to qualify for a low-rate credit card, possibly even a zero percent introductory rate, transferring all your higher rate credit card balances could be a good option.


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